A Reprieve Plan for Our Ailing/Failing Roads and Bridges

A book of ideas and suggestions to improve and extend the useful life of  America's vast system of roads and bridges.  Copies of this book have been mailed to our President and Vice President, as well as appropriate members of the Cabinet and Congress. 

Paperback 78 pages

$10.00 USD

The Kentucky Corn Cob Wine Connoisseur

A complete and authoritative guide and reference on Kentucky corn cob wine, a most exquisite and delightful beverage.  The author specifically outlines the proper usage and etiquette for the adventurous wine buff.

Paperback 86 pages

$ 12.00  USD

Political Poetry Previously Performed at The Poor Poet's Pub Primarily Picking on Professional Politicians and Other Hard-Core Unemployables

A collection of comic satirical poetry dedicated to professional and want-to-be politicians whose performances can be quite entertaining while the effects are often felt long after they have left office.

Paperback 125 pages

$12.00  USD


The Cliffs of Leavenworth
A Civil War novel about citizen soldiers and love during troubled times.  This story points to the need for "reserves for military reserves".  Available to order online from Amazon.com and BARNES&NOBLE.com.
ISBN 1-4120-7490-8
Paperback  350 pages
$18.00 USD

Some Trucking Tales, Volume 1
A collection of very funny, short tales about trucks and truckers.  Even non-truckers should enjoy these short tales about "how trucking used to be".
Paperback  190 pages
$12.00 USD

AUDIOBOOK: Some Trucking Tales, Volume 1
This is the same collection as the paperback version narrated by Jim Hubler on three CDs.  Approximate run time is three hours.  Available at Amazon.com, BARNES&NOBLE.com and BARNES & NOBLE bookstores.



Song lyrics, recitations and monologues from the "Pet a Dog ~ Help a Dog" CD on Undun Record.  Available to order from Amazon.com and BARNES&NOBLE.com.

Paperback 19 pages

$5.00 USD

William James Hubler