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The Ballad of Jody Mule - Western and cowboy songs with a bluegrass flavor

Some Songs of the Hoosier Hills - Country ballads, waltzes, and a little bluegrass

1.   The Hoosier Hills Waltz

2.   Grandpa Played the Fiddle

3.   What Becomes of Flowers?

4.   The Cliffs of Leavenworth Theme

5.   The Harrison County Waltz

6.   Jam Picking in the Parking Lot

7.   I Believe in Flowers While You're Here

8.   It Ain't the High Cost of Living

9.   Even Losers Win Sometimes

10. Back Home Again in Indiana

All About Gas - Comic songs about current events and our gas situation; we are "All In This Mess Together"

(Information and photograph to come soon)

Beer Cheaper Than Gas - More editorial comical songs about our gas situation.

1.   Beer Cheaper Than Gas

2.   Alibis and Lies

3.   We Are All In This Mess Together #1

4.   The Ghetto Glider

5.   The Bucket and the Hog #1

6.   The Good Old Days are Coming Back

7.   We Are All In This Mess Together #2

8.   It's a Crude Awakening

9.   The Bucket and the Hog #2

10.  It's Fun To Beat the System

11.   Self Service

12.  The Politician's Prayer

Old Farmers With Old Tractors -

1  . Old Farmers With Old Tractors

3.   When There's No More Family Farm

4.   The Bucket and the Hog #1

5.   Alibis and Lies

6.   We're All In This Mess Together #2

7.   The Bucket and the Hog #2

8.   It's a Crude Awakening

9.   We're All In This Mess Together #1

10. The Politician's Prayer
 Pet a Dog ~ Help a Dog - Serious and humorous songs for dog lovers

(Information and photograph to come soon)
Mud Slinging U.S.A., Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - Political satire and comic poetry

(Information and photograph to come soon)

1.  The Ballad of Jody Mule

2.  What Do You Do With Old Cowboys?

3.  Wyoming I'm Through Roaming

4.  I Love To Hear A Cowboy Yodel

5.  I'm Glad I Chose To Be A Cowboy

6.  Big Bruce, The Big Blue Spruce

7.  The Politician's Prayer

William James Hubler